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Our mission is to provide your home with organic and natural bath and bed products that enhances the quality of life for you while respecting the environment around us. Everything is designed with the customer in mind using the best resources available that both enhance our products while keeping you and nature safe. Here at Bursa Baths we believe in bringing the total relaxation of a spa into your home, revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit. 

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We ensure all products are strictly processed and produced safely and inhumane conditions keeping both the environment and the consumer in mind. We ensure all products follow the guidelines set forth to include GWOT , DIFJ, and DJJF to guarantee the quality and safety of the products for your home. Our products go through several inspections from the fields, factory, and store before ever arriving into the hands and homes of our customers. 



We take every precaution to bring you the best products we can while respecting the environment around us. This includes choosing the facilities and locations our products are made. We ensure conditions in the fields and factories are kept up to our high standards and embraces the Bursa way of doing business. We also ensure our employees are taken care of and our customers are in mind when creating Bursa Baths branded products. If the products are not up to your expectations, let us know how we can fix this for you. As a business that appreciates its customers, we listen to feedback whether good or bad and are constantly changing to match the needs of society.

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We fell in love with the quality of the towels we found in Turkey and wanted to share it with as many people as we can. After doing research on our towels, we learned about the quality in the cotton that is used. It is the best cotton in the world for towels, and we firmly believe that after using our first Turkish towel. 

We were originally a little reluctant (just like some of you!) to even try a peshtemal style towel. They are super thin, lightweight, and do not feel like a towel that can handle the job. We ended up getting one for a good price while on vacation and decided to try it. It was soft. It was light. And it did the job better than the traditional towel we were originally using!

The rest was history. All of our towels are produced using the cotton only found in Turkey. We also know that some people may be a little reluctant to try a peshtemal towel, so we offer an arrangement of towels which all use the same quality of cotton.