Bursa Baths Towels

What is a Turkish towel?


All of our towels are manufactured in Turkey with some of the best organic Grade A cotton in the world. Even though all of our towels are made in Turkey, when we reference Turkish towels, we are referring to the Turkish style of towels traditionally known as Pestemal (also known as Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels). These towels are traditionally flat woven with hand loomed fringes on the ends. They are extremely lightweight and much thinner than their counterparts making these towels excellent for travel and outdoor activities. The trendy styles of these towels look great hung in bathrooms and will be the center of conversation for your guests. 


How do I use a Turkish towel?


There are so many ways to use a Turkish towel. Here's a few to get you started:
Bath towel, beach towel, hair towel, cover-up, scarf, throw blanket, travel blanket or towel, picnic blanket and much more!


Can Turkish towels go in the dryer?


Absolutely. Tumble on low to dry, or preferably air dry. They dry extremely quick, and it's important not to over-dry your towel. Do not use dryer sheets while drying as they can ruin the towels. These towels get even softer after each wash! We recommend you wash these towels at least once prior to using to help open the pores of the cotton allowing them become even more absorbent.


What are Bamboo towels?


Bamboo towels are towels that also contain Bamboo fibers in them. All Bamboo towels also contain some cotton to help hold the towel together. The most common is a 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton ratio. The added Bamboo helps make the towels even more absorbent and soft! These towels are also made in Turkey and also utilize the finest Grade A cotton.


Do these towels pill?


Our towels are not pre washed and have not been treated for pilling. Most towels will pill the first few times they are used. We recommend our towels be washed several times prior to being used. If loose threads are found, simple snip them close to the towel without cutting any additional threads. Do NOT pull on them! Due to the handcrafted nature of our towels, there may be minor imperfections within them. The small imperfections give each towel its own characteristics. They do not effect how the towel works! Remember to wash your towels separately as zippers and velcro from other clothing may snag and damage your towels. If there are major flaws with your products or an abnormal amount of pilling, please let us know so we can work with you to help resolve the issue.


How do I care for these towels?


Each towel's care instructions are written on their product pages. For best results these towels are washed with like colors with cool to warm water. Wash towels with a soft detergent and no fabric softening. These towels are dried on tumble low heat with no dryer sheets or preferably hung to dry. Adding harsh detergents or fabric softeners tend to clog the pores of the cotton. While it will soften the towel initially, it may ruin the towel over time much faster.


General Questions

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