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Bursa Baths is here to provide a spa like feeling in your own personal oasis while keeping you and the environment in mind. Always striving to provide you with the best quality products for your lifestyle. Most of the towels are made from the finest grade A long-staple cotton found only in Turkey. We also provide some blends of Turkish cotton along with bamboo for an even silkier finish and more absorbent than its counterparts. Embrace the feeling of your oasis between your walls.

These towels are softer, more absorbent, and more durable then their counterparts due to the cotton and weave styles used in manufacturing these towels. The research has been done on all products to find the best manufacturers for each item produced. All products go through several quality checks prior to making it into you and your loved ones hands at home. We ensure all products follow the guidelines to guarantee the quality and safety of the products for your home. We can proudly say our products are OEKO -TEX and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. The Bursa way is clean, safe, and natural.

about us bursabaths logo

about us bursabaths logo


Towels touch the most intimate areas or our bodies on a daily basis. Our towels are made with Grade A cotton making them softer to the touch and even more absorbent. We take the time to find the best products for an affordable price for you.

Ever take a nice long shower in a resort to finish with a nice warm plush towel drying you off or a nice bathrobe you can sit and relax in for hours on end? Did you feel refreshed and revitalized afterwards? The top graded towels are made using Grade A Turkish Long-Staple Cotton. We want to give you the same experience in your homes with our products.

Not only do we want to provide good products to our customers, but we also want to do our part in saving the world. We will not work with companies that are careless and detrimental to our planet. Our products go through several hands prior to making it into your homes and the hands of your loved ones.


Bursa Baths Inc. was founded in 2018. The first storefront was opened in Kusadasi, Turkey. From there shipments were made to the continental US in an effort to share the great products with the world. Currently you can visit Bursa Baths storefronts located in Virginia, United States and Kusadasi, Turkey. From there the Online Store was released making all products readily available to the continental U.S.

Bursa Baths Inc. is dedicated to not only providing customers with natural and safe products, but they are also dedicated in doing their part in protecting the planet. In 2019 Bursa Baths Inc. has partnered with One Tree Planted in an effort to help with global forestation. Bursa Baths currently donates 10% of all profits to charity and organizations that help to protect the world we all live in.


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