Everything you need to know about Peshtemal before you buy!



All of our towels are made in Turkey using only the best Grade A Cotton. They are all manufactured in Turkey prior to shipping them back to the United States. When you hear of Turkish towels however, it is typically in reference to the Peshtemal (also known as Pestemal, Hammam or Fouta), which is a Turkish style towel, not where the towel was made or the material.



The secret behind the absorbency lies in the type of cotton used in making them. Peshtemal are made with Turkish Cotton which have extremely long fibers. These fibers soften and become even more absorbent once washed! The fibers are extremely long and thin, allowing the towel to breathe better and dry off insanely fast!  All of our towels use Grade A Turkish long-staple cotton.



Peshtemal are flat woven making them super thin! The lightweight, thin, absorbent towel is great for many things outside of your bathrooms. Take them with you anywhere with their lightweight and flat folding construction! Dry off with them at the beach and pool, use them as a light blanket, lie on them on the beach (don't hold as much sand due to them being flat woven), use them as picnic blankets, a lightweight head towel, and a trendy scarf for the winter. Did I mention it is also perfect for our four year old puppy CoCoa? These towels are definitely CoCoa approved!



On the beach you can use them to lie in the sun, as a dress, as a cute coverup, as a sarong, or to simply dry off with. If you love to swim multiple times, go for it! Did I mention they dry super quick?

Take them on the plane and train, as they are lightweight and make a great travel blanket! Not using it as a bath towel at home? Lay it out as a throw blanket while at home or even as door or wall tapestry. Take them camping and out for picnics! They are lightweight but also durable and have a substantial feel to them.



PeshTerry are the perfect hybrid of towels. One side is Peshtemal and the other side is Terry towel. These towels are thinner than the Terry towels but thicker than the flat woven Peshtemal. Not quite sold on going all Peshtemal? Try one of these hybrid towels that are only half Peshtemal. While these towels are not typically used as throws or blankets, they still make an excellent choice for a towel and will be the talking point of any bathroom! Our PeshTerry sizes vary and are not the typical 100cm x 180cm (39.4 inches x 70.9 inches) as found in all of our Peshtemals. Take a quick look at one of our finest PeshTerry towels, the Natural Bamboo PeshTerry



Good quality Peshtemal will be labeled as "100% Turkish Cotton". Be aware some towels may say they are "made with Turkish Cotton" or simply "100% Cotton" in which they may contain other materials in them other than the Grade A Turkish Cotton. If they are not 100% Turkish Cotton or Bamboo blended with Turkish Cotton, the Peshtemal is not as good in quality. A quality Peshtemal usually costs in the range of $30 to $60. They should feel substantial and sturdy despite being super thin. Make sure they are not only made using 100% Turkish Cotton, but also hand loomed and made in Turkey. Peshtemals are artisan crafted textiles. Bursa Baths towels are all high quality towels hand loomed in Turkey using only the best cotton!

What are the different weights or GSM?

When dealing with towels, GSM stands for the Grams per Square Meter. A light weight towel does not mean it is lower in quality! Typically the heavier the towel or the higher the GSM, the more the towel will absorb. This is not always the case. There are different weaves and materials that also play a major factor. It all comes down to preferences. Although all of our Peshtemal can be used as picnic blankets or laying on the sand with, the thicker ones are more suited for the task while some of the thinner ones may be better suited for drying with or wearing as a coverup at the beach or pool side.

What are Bamboo towels?

Bamboo towels are just as they sound: towels made of rayon from bamboo. Towels with bamboo are naturally breathable and repel bacteria, mildew, dust, and odors. They are hypoallergenic and recommended for those with skin sensitivities due to its exceptional gentleness. Compared to cotton, these bamboo towels significantly absorb more water and dry faster. Because of the fiber loops, these towels feel softer after each washing and feel much softer and silkier than all cotton towels. Rayon from Bamboo bath towels are environmentally friendly and good for your well-being. Bamboo towels are becoming more popular around the world. They offer a touch of luxury while still being affordable.



Towels touch the most intimate areas of our bodies on a daily basis. Don't just buy a low quality towel when you can invest in one that will be longer lasting, softer, and more absorbent than their counterparts. Treat your body right by trying out one of our Peshtemal towels, even if you plan to use them in other ways. Remember you can use them for so much more! I was also once skeptical about these towels until I started using them. The towels speak for themselves. Be sure to use several times as they do get softer and even more absorbent after each wash as the cotton fibers begin to open up. 



Peshtemal are easy to care for! You should always wash your towel prior to using them for the first time. This helps with their absorbency. You can also leave them in cold water over night to soften the fibers. Use a gentle cycle on your washing machine with cool water and a low heat on the dryer. They can also be hung to dry for best results. Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets as they gunk up the fibers and they may become less absorbent over time repelling some of the water. Avoid using any bleach or harsh chemicals on them. The fringed ends are very durable however they may come done from time to time. Simply twist and knot them back up to secure the fibers!



**Have any questions we did not answer in this guide? Head over to our FAQs page for additional answers or feel free to send us a message on our contact page. We love educating people about our unique products!