Bursa Baths Coming Soon!

Bursa Baths is right around the corner from launching! We are headed to Turkey in several short weeks touring the Manufacturing Company in Turkey.

This is an exciting step and we can't wait to get these items up and available to you. We have unique designs we plan on bringing to the manufacturer in hopes of being able to provide you with something truly one of a kind designs!

Our first season we will launch a store in Kusadasi, Turkey. After the summer season, our plan is to bring our towels back to the US where we can share them with everyone stateside. Our goal is to launch a store in the Hampton Roads, VA area during the winter months. We are very excited to get this new journey on the road and hope you are just as excited for us.

Keep in touch and follow our journey as we head to Turkey. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @BursaBaths. Remember, our followers will have special access to discount codes and offers.